quote The music transported me to worlds unknown.
‘Breathtaking’ comes to mind.
—Mary Ann Brady, Atlanta,GA

quote  In your music I found a refuge, consolation, comfort,
peace and so many other things.
—Karina Solovieff, Buenos Aires, Argentina

A few years ago, after my beloved mother passed away from Lung cancer, I took time off my busy schedule and traveled the nation playing piano for cancer patients and caregivers everywhere. I played the same music I used to play for my mother, especially when she was sick. It was a communication to her from my heart through music which, is the best language I can speak. My mother told me at the time that this music that I played, made her forget about her disease and took her to wonderful places.

After a year of playing for every major cancer center in the United States, doing fundraisers and PSA’s for the Georgia Cancer Coalition and The Lung Cancer Alliance I had to go back to work. I never forgot about that project mainly because of the huge impact it created.  I received hundreds of letters from patients, caregivers, administrators and doctors, (please see testimonials below.) Among the many letters I received one from the Chancellor of the Georgia university system who had been involved in an almost fatal car accident. He stated that while he was in intensive care my music was played for him and helped his recovery process. 

My goal has always been to bring beauty to people. Last year that goal started materializing once again. I met with a wonderful violin player, Ben Powell who happens to be one of the most sought after musicians in Hollywood. When he heard that music he got emotional and said to me that we must perform this music for all people, that others deserve to enjoy this unique communication and beauty. This music, he said, is for everybody.  Ben introduced me to bass player Mike Valerio. Like Ben, Mike happens to be one of the busiest musicians in Hollywood. He heard the music and agreed that we must do it. 

We did our first concert in January and it was an over-the-top success. The accolades, the compliments and overly emotional responses were tremendous. 

Songs for My Mother has to reach everyone. Today more than ever beauty is needed in our lives and I want to bring this music to you so you too can enjoy it just like thousands of others, for at least a while, forget your daily travails and go to other beautiful places.


December 10, 2017: The Misha Segal Trio launched the first CD at the Blue Whale Club in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a spectacular performance with standing ovation.

September 01, 2017: The production of the CD "Songs For My Mother" is almost done, we'll keep you posted. Very soon we'll be shipping the Rewards to our fans from the IndieGoGo platform.

October 17, 2016: The Misha Segal Trio performed at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles. The responses were overwhelming.

January 16, 2016: We had our first concert, it was a huge success and we are very excited about the future of the Trio. We'll keep you posted as to concert schedules, and other news.



We performed at the Blue Whale in Los Angeles

We had our first concert at a good friends home



quote The concert was amazing! The music was outstanding and the setting was unique and beautiful. Your comments on the musical selections were interesting and helped us get the most out of each piece. The other 2 musicians in the trio were at the top of their game, too. It was fun to hear the 3 of you make beautiful music together.

     —Cara Gordon

quote  One special surprise for me was to hear some of your compositions as works of art, not just film underscores. I especially liked the two Americana pieces, they showed a lot of depth and passion…

     —Bruce Chianese

quote How can 3 people sound like a symphony orchestra…

     —Mark Strickland

quote  What a great concert - I was blown away!

     —Freddie Weber

quote  We felt privileged to have been there for this memorable event. Please keep us posted on any future performances.

     —Debby Moss

quote  We were totally connected to the music. We wish you had played more…

     —Natan Zahavi

quote  It was sublime

     —Arthur Seidelman

quote  What a treat tonight was! I could have listened to your trio for hours. I can’t wait for you to record!

     —Jackie Fiske



I had a chance to listen to Misha's CD and it is lovely, I enjoyed it very much. I also played it for my Larry my husband after he got up, it seemed to put him in calm mood. Larry has dementia and parkinson's so when I play him classical music it always makes him less agitated. Thanks again for this wonderful CD.
—Joan Blumenfeld

Female* could be someone's thoughts! God! Misha Segal doesn't just play the piano. He feels the piano. He lives it. This is passion! This piece is like a newborn baby. Sounds like a real celebration of life. Wow, this one is like a mom or dad telling their kids  for the first time that it's okay to sleep alone in the dark. Beautiful.
—Natalie Kusturic, Santa Monica, CA

The music transported me to worlds unknown. ‘Breathtaking’ comes to mind.
—Mary Ann Brady, Atlanta, GA

In your music I found a refuge, consolation, comfort, peace and so many other things…

—Karina Solovieff, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Misha, I just wanted to let you know that Female has been in the top 5 of my CD collection, ever since I heard it for the first time a couple of years ago; I keep it right next to my player. As I sit in my home office, trying to catch up with things, I find your music to be incredibly restful. For people ailing from any of life's challenges, Female puts both my body and mind in a peaceful state. The therapeutic value of this kind of piece of mind can't be overstated.
—Dr. Victor Amira, Assistant Professor of Medicine, UCLA


Why would your music hit me so and make me cry? Why would it elevate me so? The stories and the colors you create with your music will remain forever in my heart.

—Susana Sheid, Mexico City, Mexico

When I close my eyes, I feel like I'm not on this earth. Feels like all problems are taken away.

—Helen Oberhammer, Los Angeles, CA

Misha, I want to congratulate you on yet another musical accomplishment: Female and Female Part II are true milestones. The music touches the heart and activates the emotions—a true remedy for the soul. I listen to it when I work, drive and rest; it is always fresh and unique. Misha, it has been believed that in medicine, mind is over body. Your music has this magical effect of soothing and relaxing. No matter the turmoil I am in, once I listen to your music I become calm, am able to reflect, recuperate and rejuvenate. If ever music has healing powers, yours does. The ability of your Female CD collection to bring peace to mind and body is unmatched. I hope for many to discover your music’s beauty and power. I wish you the best and that you continue and further your Female endeavor.

—Dr. Yehuda Handelsman Pres. CA Chapter American Assoc. of Clinical Endocrinologists

Beautiful, lilting melodies with the ability to soothe even the most fettered nerves (and I’d say schlepping luggage through an airport at 5AM only to have it lost is pretty fettering).

—‘Siren’ Kimmie, Score! Music Magazine

I broke down in tears just past half way through. Female is the way I experience my life...

—Beth H. Kennebunkport, Maine

In Female, there is a haunting, welcoming similarity to some of Keith Jarrett’s early works… but the resonance with the spirit here is, to my ear, more melodious, more easily insinuates itself into your spirit… Brilliant.
  —Scott Wieble, Author, San Francisco, CA


As a First Vice President of Brokerage Services at CB Richard Ellis, my days start early, end late and I'm ‘on’ the whole time. One night after work, I listened to Misha Segal's Female CD. It was...amazing. I listened to it all the way through and by the end of it, I felt like a new person. Because of my lifestyle, I actively seek things to help me unwind and calm down. Misha’s music was just the remedy.

—Patrick Church, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Universal City, CA

Mommy, this music was so beautiful I almost had to cry....

—Vivian Egginger (6 years old!), Salzburg, Austria

The list of artists and bands that compete for our love is growing. Misha Segal has composed a cornucopia of film scores and is also a jazz cat. We were lucky enough to get a copy of his Female CD. I put it on whenever my lady friends are over. Yummy.

—Mark M., Internet Exploiter

From the opening notes of the first cut on Misha Segal’s newest release, Female, your thoughts will be of candlelit dinners with that special someone. Romantic… peaceful… tranquil: The perfect fix for the end of a work day. Kick back with a glass of vino and become a spectator for a while.

—Al Harbison, Screachen Publications

Female is surprisingly good, not at all what I expected. I was in the CD biz for about 5 years, importing recordings from Scotland and elsewhere, so am pretty jaded when it comes to new music, but this deserves a second listen.

—Don W., Portland Press Herald

After your performance, I can truly say that I think it would be of benefit to all the patients you would reach… The music of Female was soothing, uplifting, and did so much to help ease some of the stress of hospitalization. Patients who attended told me the next day that it was a wonderful experience that provided a respite from their illness.
   —Yolanda Toth, Director, Patient Recreation, Memorial Sloan Kettering, New York City


My wife brought home your album, Female, a while ago. While we have enjoyed your very moving music for some time now, we recently found a new use and received a different kind of benefit from your music than one would have expected. More specifically, when my wife and I were trying to sell our home recently, we had various types of music playing the background and occasionally there was no music playing at all. It appeared clear…while your music was playing in the background, the warmth of our home was enhanced and more importantly, the reaction particularly that of the female prospective purchasers was much more positive toward our home and much more intense…. I will never try to sell another piece of real property without playing Female in the background, and I will definitely recommend that all of my friends do the same regardless of whether or not they use a real estate agent if they want to maximize and expedite the sale of their home.

  —René Tovar, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

* The music played by The Misha Segal Trio was originally recorded under the title "Female." It has since been arranged
for the Trio and is now called "Songs for my Mother."